potential bug decoys

potential bug decoys Tobi  2019-08-30

Dear all,

i encountered this reproducable issue with decoy transitions.

When adding decoys to the target list they contain exactly the specified transitions (p,y,b) as in the settings. However if they are already added and one tries to change the setting, the change is applied only to targets but decoys remain as they are while they should change in the same way.

Trying to go with refine/advanced/auto-select transitions does not resolve the issue. The already set transitions remain and even change their symbol from red to green line (not sure if this has any further implication and I cannot really tell if skyline then sees the transitions as non-decoy ones).

Hope the attached file helps you.

Best regards,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-09-03

Hi Tobi,
This is a known issue we have always had. You just need to regenerate your decoys once you are satisfied with your targets. We should probably offer to do this for you or at the very least warn you of the change to your targets and remove the prior existing decoys, allowing you to regenerate them whenever you like.

But, yes, if you have decoys and you make settings changes that impact your targets, then your targets and decoys can get out of synch and Skyline requires you to notice this and regenerate them.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for reminding us.