Skylinedailyrunner.exe could not save .exp file

Skylinedailyrunner.exe could not save .exp file shridevi patil  2019-08-28

Hello Skyline Team,
I am working to save experimental file upon executing command on SkylineDailyRunner, but it do not save the .exp file.
below the command i use,
--dir="C: \Users\test\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\LOETQMLY.BBK\W1GG8G3M.TXA\skyl...exe_e4141a2a22107248_0013.0001_none_ed856a301652adf5" --in="D:\TestData\HV1\docs\" --tran-product-ion-types="p" --exp-method-instrument="Waters Xevo TQ" --exp-template="D:\TestData\HV1\docs\template.exp" --exp-run-length=15 --exp-file="C:\Users\test\Desktop\tt\testAUG29\RT.exp " --out="C:\Users\test\Desktop\tt\testAUG29\" --exp-strategy=Buckets --exp-max-trans=100

The output is as follows:
Opening file...
File opened.
Transition Settings -- Filter > Ion types changed to "p"
Settings > Transition Settings -- Filter > Ion types changed from "p, y, b" to "
Removed: 148 tran
Saving file...
File saved.
Warning: The vendor Waters Xevo TQ does not match the vendor in either the CE or
DP prediction setting. Continuing exporting a transition list anyway...
Exporting method RT_0001.exp
Error: The file C:\Users\test\Desktop\tt\testAUG29\RT.exp could not be saved.
Check that the specified file directory exists and is writeable.
ERROR: Saving the method was unsuccessful.

Do let me know if anything is not supported on Skylinedailyrunner. Because if in given above path I could create new file and edit and save, then ideally runner should also be able to save file.
Please suggest.
Thanks & Regards

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-08-29

Hi Shridevi,
Start by testing whether you can achieve what you are trying to do through the UI. Can you actually export a method to:


You may get a more descriptive error or just find that this is not specific to the command-line interface.

I will note that you need to have MassLynx software installed on the computer running SkylineDailyRunner and you need to have an instrument set up on the computer. If you are doing this on a computer that is not set up to be an instrument computer, then you need to set up a fake instrument.

Here is another support thread which may be of interest:

Hope this helps. Thanks for using the Skyline command-line interface.


shridevi patil responded:  2019-08-29

Hello Brendan,

Thank you very much for the reply. I did try steps as you said. Export method is not saved still.
Please note " we do not have instrument setup but mock set up is taken care. we first need to generate the RT_001.exp file to place it to instrument place holder/folder. Our Automated application moves the created RT.exp to computer connected to instrument in later point of execution.
it was working fine before with both SkylinedailyRunner and Skylinecmd.exe.

I am attaching the screen shot with error highlighted. Please help me.
Thank you.