Export Transition List

Export Transition List Richard Lam  2019-08-08


I would like to export the transition list for creating a Sciex 5500 QTrap MS acquisition method.
In the 'Prediction' tab under Transition Settings page (see attachment), what is the difference between the choice of 'SCIEX' and ' ABI 5500 QTrap' in 'Collision energy', between the choice of 'SCIEX' and 'ABI' in 'Declustering potential'?



Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-08-09

Hi Richard,
The "SCIEX" values are newer and the ones now recommended by the instrument vendor for all their instruments. That you have both the older ones and the newer seems to indicate that you had Skyline installed before the change to the new values was made or you opened another document that used the older values.

Now we recommend you use the "SCIEX" values which were provided by SCIEX. Though, we would expect the older values to work as well. They were in use for years, and no one ever complained about them, created from data provided by researchers at the Broad Institute.

Sorry for the confusion, in part created by the rebranding from "ABI" to "AB SCIEX" to "SCIEX", which lead us to as SCIEX how they ideally would like to appear in these settings. But for backward compatibility, we could just wipe out all the old settings when they were in use.