Insert Transition List for Small Molecule Analysis Problem

Insert Transition List for Small Molecule Analysis Problem alejandro.cohen  2019-07-10

Hi Skyline,

I'm running into some problems inserting transition list for MRM analysis. Attached the file I am Edit>Inserting
Quite self explanatory. Four targets (RvD1, D2, LXA4 and Mar1), each target has it's own heavy (D5 labelled standard). I would expect for each precursor just two 'molecules', one light, one heavy with the corresponding transitions. Instead I get the following (Screen capture). The right precursors for the light precursors dont show up.

Any ideas???


Nick Shulman responded:  2019-07-10

This looks like a bug.

It works correctly if you make sure that your light precursors come before the heavy precursors in your list (see attached tab delimited .txt file).
That is, make sure that "RvD1    375.2" comes before "RvD1    380.3".

Skyline must be trying to figure out the relationship between 380.3 and 375.2, and it gets everything completely wrong if it sees the heavier precursor before the light one.

We will try to figure out how to fix this.
-- Nick
alejandro.cohen responded:  2019-07-11

If I introduced each target individually, that also worked!

Cheers and thanks for your quick response.