Document Grid - Reporting Options for Peptide Ratio Result

Document Grid - Reporting Options for Peptide Ratio Result davis  2019-06-25

Hi Skyline team!

I have a quick question regarding reporting options for peptide ratio results in the Document Grid

In the customizable report is there a column for (1) name of acquisition method (2) If an analyte is the surrogate/global internal standard. If so I was having issues locating it using the Find Column tool. Thank you!

Best! Sonnet

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-06-25
What do you mean by "acquisition method"? Are you referring to one of the settings that you might find on "Settings > Transition Settings > Full Scan"? Those sorts of things are not available on the Document Grid. We hope to expose all of those settings in a future version of Skyline, as part of our effort to make it possible to write External Tools which modify Skyline documents. But, for now, there is no way to see those values in the Document Grid.

The column that tells you whether a peptide or molecule is a surrogate or global standard is called "Standard Type". That column will also tell you if it is an iRT or QC standard.