centroided or orbitrap?

centroided or orbitrap? qiyingziamms  2019-05-29

We used Thermo Fusion Lumos to get DIA data, and the datatype selected "centroid",detector type selected "orbitrap".
In Skyline software, configure full-scan setting Interface, precursor mass analyzer and product mass analyzer have multiple choices, include centroided and orbitrap,so i don't know which should i choice?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-05-29

We recommend using “Centroided” in Skyline for Orbitrap data, and the default 10 PPM mass tolerance usually works very well, unless there is some kind of calibration issue with your data.

Good luck. Thanks for using Skyline.


qiyingziamms responded:  2019-05-29

Thank you for your reply, It helps me a lot.