Colour coding of Peptides and transitions

Colour coding of Peptides and transitions nr412  2019-05-22

Dear All,

I am new to skyline and want to check if there is any way to export the colour coded peptide and transition information while exporting out the data?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-05-22

Hi N.R.,
Can you describe more what you are looking for? Maybe provide a screenshot of exactly the colors. I can imagine our providing the colors for the multi-peptide graphs as a peptide property in either RGB or Hex format. You can get and even set these colors for transitions and precursors under Tools > Options - Display - Color Scheme, where you can choose from several available schemes or create your own, or use <Edit current...> to get the RGB and Hex values for the current color scheme.

Hope this helps. But, do provide a bit more information on what you are looking for.


nr412 responded:  2019-05-23

Dear Brendan,

Thanks for your reply. The window of Targets on skyline, gives colour coding to peptides (green, amber, red) based on the transitions. I was asking if there is any way to export out the colour information given to each peptide