Getting The operation has timed out.

Getting The operation has timed out. kartik kundgol  2019-05-05

Hi Brendan,

I am using SkylineTool.dll in my application. Unfortunately not able to establish the connection between Skyline and my application.

Getting "The operation has timed out exception" in the SkylineToolClient constructor.
toolClient = new SkylineToolClient("$(SkylineConnection)","Test Interface");

Can you please guide the solution.

Thanks & regards,
Kartik K

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-05-05
It sounds like you are not using the correct connection name.

When Skyline runs an external tool whose commandline arguments contain "$(SkylineConnection)", Skyline chooses a random number for the connection name, and starts listening on a pipe with that name. Skyline does not start listening until the first time such an external tool is run.

If you want to add a menu item to Skyline that tells you what that connection name is, you could tell Skyline that the command is "cmd.exe" and the arguments are "/k echo $(SkylineConnection)".

The connection name is not a constant, so normally you would have your Program.Main function take it as a commandline argument.

The Skyline tool interface does not have very much functionality at the moment, but we hope to improve it in the future. What were you hoping to use it for?
-- Nick
kartik kundgol responded:  2019-05-05
Hi Nick,

Thanks for you support, but even if I am passing the connection through the args I am not able to build the connection.

And in skyline I am getting No response in Immediate Window.

Is there any possibility of helping me out using TeamViewer?

Thanks and regards,
Kartik K
kartik kundgol responded:  2019-05-06
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your support.

Now its working for me in WPF MVVM.

Thanks & regards,
Kartik K