Thermo Altis method

Thermo Altis method avizrosenberg  2019-04-03

When I try to export a method for a TSQ Alatis I get the following error.

System.IO.IOException: ERROR: Registry key (Software\Thermo Instruments\TNG\TSQAltis) not found. TSQAltis is not installed on this machine.

Any thoughts?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-04-03

Generally, for Thermo methods, you want to export them on the instrument control PC. This is because they use a multi-stream writer to write their methods which requires all of the component software to be present to write the entire method. That means you would need to create a fully comparable environment on your personal computer, including chromatography software, etc. in order to be able to merge a transition list with your template method from your instrument PC.

So, for Thermo especially, you really want to copy your Skyline document to the instrument PC (usually using File > Share to created a file or upload to Panorama and then download). Then open the file in Skyline running on the instrument PC and do the File > Export > Method there.

That said, we are currently having issues with exporting to Altis methods even once you get past this error message. I think I have a workaround ready to go out this week if you are running the 3.0 version of the software, but not the 3.1 version. I am working with Thermo on this issue.

I would still recommend you get past this error message and familiarize yourself with the required steps to export a method without errors, but currently on the Altis this will likely just give you a copy of your template without the transitions from the Skyline document, because of what we believe is a bug in the Thermo library we use.

Thanks for posting this issue to the Skyline support board.