Purple rectangle on graphs

Purple rectangle on graphs ecanessa  2019-04-01

I am trying to use the graphs for skyline as images in a publication but a large purple rectangle appears when looking at a peptide as seen below. It does not appear for all peptides. Is there anyway to eliminate this?

Also is there anyway to keep the y-axis stable so one graph isn't showing an intensity of 0 - 250 10^3 while another has an intensity of 0- 80 10^3?

Emily Canessa

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-04-01
The purple rectangle shows you the peak that Skyline originally chose, before the user adjusted the peak boundaries, or chose a different peak.
You can make that purple rectangle disappear by unchecking "Original Peak" on the chromatogram right-click menu.

Also, on the chromatogram right-click menu you can uncheck "Auto Scale Y-Axis" and then you will be able to control zooming in and out in the vertical direction by doing things such as dragging a rectangle on the graph, or using your mouse wheel to scroll out. If you combine that with "Synchronize Zooming" you might be able to get it so that all of your chromatogam graphs look the way you want them to.
-- Nick
ecanessa responded:  2019-04-01
Thanks for the help Nick!