FIA of 3500 small molecules and scheduled method

FIA of 3500 small molecules and scheduled method a.petretto  2019-03-31

Dear developers
I have to inject in my QE 3500 compounds in FIA mode to collect the parent (MS1) and daughter ions (MS2). The final goal is to build a metabolic library. Now the best way to develop the project is to have 3500 different methods each of them have a dedicated compound, that is very hard to make manually.
I'm wondering if it is possible using skyline to export a scheduled method giving a template file with the same condition for HPLC e QE with the exception of monitored m/z for the different compounds.
Can anyone help me to avoid me to do manually :)
all the best

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-03-31
It sounds like you want to create a PRM method.

It might be helpful to start with the Targeted MS tutorial:

Are you going to be analyzing peptides or small molecules? What information do you have about their retention times?
-- Nick
a.petretto responded:  2019-03-31
dear Nick
a 1 PRM for 1 Compound
thanks for the suggestion, indeed I can find the example of LTQ method export...this is I'd like to do for the QE. Is it possible?
3500 methods for 3500 small molecules in Flow injection analysis, so all the small molecules have the same time
thanks for your help
Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-04-03
Hi Andrea,
Unfortunately, we never got a library from Thermo to do this for the Q Exactive. We can only do it for LTQ, Fusion/Lumos, and TSQ series. We need instrument vendor support to be able to export methods.

We will try again asking for it. You might want to let Thermo know you want to see this. Sometimes it helps to have customers asking.