how to add new elements?

how to add new elements? lvyayao90  2019-03-20

Hi Skyline team
I tried to add Tb, Tm, and Ho as new elements in the unimod.xlm file in folder Skyline_4_2_0_19009 as following, but Skyline software still pops-up that Tb is not a valid chemical formula.
<umod:elem title="Tb" full_name="Terbium" avge_mass="158.9253" mono_mass="158.925343"/>
<umod:elem title="Tm" full_name="Thulium" avge_mass="168.9342" mono_mass="168.934211"/>
<umod:elem title="Ho" full_name="Holmium" avge_mass="164.9303" mono_mass="164.930319"/>

 <umod:brick title="Tb" full_name="Terbium" mono_mass="158.925343" avge_mass="158.9253">
     <umod:element symbol="Tb" number="1"/>
  <umod:brick title="Tm" full_name="Thulium" mono_mass="168.934211" avge_mass="168.9342">
     <umod:element symbol="Tm" number="1"/>
  <umod:brick title="Ho" full_name="Holmium" mono_mass="164.930319" avge_mass="164.9303">
     <umod:element symbol="Ho" number="1"/>

Is there anything else I could do to get Skyline to recognize the three elements? Thank you!


Brian Pratt responded:  2019-03-26

Hello Yayao,

We are currently working on extending Skyline to support the entire periodic table. The changes are in code review now and I am hopeful that this work will appear in the next Skyline-Daily, which should be soon.

Best Regards,

Brian Pratt