Remove peptides without signal/spectra from view

Remove peptides without signal/spectra from view Zac  2019-03-18

I am working with a large protein that has a number of potential tryptic peptides. Once i import my raw data i would only like to see those peptides with associated MS 2 spectra. Seems like there would be a quick way to do this but i am not finding it. I can manually go into 'pick children' and select the peptides with an orange or green label but would like to do this quicker. The peptide filter and autoselect don't seem to help with this. Probably something simple that i have missed

Brian Pratt responded:  2019-03-18

Hi Zac,

Have you tried Refine > Remove Missing Results?

Best Regards,

Brian Pratt

Zac responded:  2019-03-18

Thanks, yes this does the job. Thought it would be something obvious i missed, i was trying to do it with right click drop down menus!