Failed installation for Skyline-daily

Failed installation for Skyline-daily Bing  2019-03-12

I was trying to reinstall Skyline-daily, there is an error occurred at the end of downloading, it said "Application validation did not succeed. Unable to continue". I attached the error log file. Do you have any idea why this happen? Thank you!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-03-12

That error makes it look like something (BlibBuild.exe) is getting corrupted during the download.

Maybe you could try downloading the unplugged installer ZIP file (you'll find a link on the installation page) and install from there. At least see if that works for you. If the error consistently mentions BlibBuild.exe then maybe something in your network is blocking it or EXEs in general.

You won't get automatic updates with the unplugged installer, but if the network installer isn't working for you, it may be your only option.