cannot install skyline

cannot install skyline yincool2008  2019-03-01

I try to install skyline ver 4.2 64 bit on my PC which runs window 10 pro 64 bit and failed many times.
Rebooting the OS will not solve the problem.

The error says "cannot start the application, contact the application vendor for assistance". The log file is attached.

Please help me with this problem. Thanks!

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-03-01
We have not seen this error before.
The error that you are getting is "Access Denied", and it is happening in something called "SubmitStoreTransaction".

I suspect that something has gotten messed up with the permissions under the "AppData" folder in your home directory.

Have you ever installed Skyline on this computer before?
There might be some helpful information on this page:
but the page is mainly about how to remove an earlier installation of Skyline that is preventing you from ever installing again.

Some people on the internet have said that an error like this might be caused by a virus scanner, but it looks like nobody has ever come back and said that disabling the virus scanner fixed this problem.

One thing that might work would be to create another Windows account on your computer, and see whether you can sign in with that Windows account and install Skyline. If that works, you would have to be logged into that account in order to run Skyline, since each user gets their own installation of Skyline.

You also might have better luck with the Unplugged Installer:
or the Administrator installer:

Hope this helps,
-- Nick
yincool2008 responded:  2019-03-02
Hi, Nick,
Now I install the skyline successfully. I think it is my antivirus software prevents me from installing it before.

Your suggestion is very helpful.
I remove the folders start with "skyl..." under the folder "C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0", and reboot the system.
Then I try to disable my antivirus software.
In the end, the installation goes through smoothly from the Skyline website.
Thanks a lot!