Error Line 705 at column 9

Error Line 705 at column 9 Kendra Adams  2019-02-06

Hi Skyline Team,
I am having an issue with a document I just created in Skyline Daily. Seemed to work fine while I had it open, and then fails after I close and try to open it again.
The error message is attached.

Brian Pratt responded:  2019-02-06

Can you provide the actual document so we can investigate?


Brian Pratt

Kendra Adams responded:  2019-02-07

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the quick reply! I made a new document yesterday and I'm getting the error again, unfortunately I cannot zip the skyline document since it will not open, I've attached the new error message and the individual skyline files, let me know if I need to do anything else.

Brian Pratt responded:  2019-02-07

Hi Kendra,

We're working on this, but for now here's a workaround:

Open the .sky file in any text editor and find the line containing
and change that to

This changes the Full Scan MS1 filtering Resolving power, which changes Skyline's idea of which calculated precursor isotopes are viable. Skyline is applying a test on file read that it didn't seem to have applied when the file was being created, and one or more M+1 isotopes are being rejected as being inconsistent with the settings. We're looking into that, but it comes down to we should always read what we write.