TMT11? (131H)

TMT11? (131H) jeffrey culver  2019-02-06


I'm working with TMT-labeled peptides and have a TMT11 experiment (using the 'heavy' 131 tag), and I don't see this available as a modification. Is it available and I've just missed it somewhere? Or am I able to introduce it myself?

Thanks for your help!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-02-06

You should definitely be able to introduce it yourself by following the model of other modifications. Our default set of modifications comes from Unimod, but it has been several years since we updated our Unimod XML file. Are you able to find this modification on Unimod? If so, it might be time for us to make an update.

Thanks for the feedback.


P.S. - The current version is v. We recommend you upgrade, though it won't fix this issue.