BlibBuild Command

BlibBuild Command smanda  2019-02-03

Hi Brendan,

I am wondering what are the exact arguments I need to give to command line BlibBuild/BlibFilter to get exactly same results If I import using the Skyline interface the same mzid file and create a library. How do I specify the modifications in command line.


Brian Pratt responded:  2019-02-04
Hi Srikanth,

Modifications aren't specified on the command line, they're taken from what;s found in the input file.

Of the command line options found here:
Skyline uses "-H", and "-o" and may use "-c", "-l", "-a", "-i", and "-E" depending on your settings.

Thanks for using the Skyline support board,

Brian Pratt

  -o Overwrite existing library. Default append.
  -S <filename> Read from file as though it were stdin.
  -s Result file names from stdin. e.g. ls *sqt | BlibBuild -s new.blib.
  -u Ignore peptides except those with the unmodified sequences from stdin.
  -U Ignore peptides except those with the modified sequences from stdin.
  -H Use more than one decimal place when describing mass modifications.
  -C <file size> Minimum file size required to use caching for .dat files. Specifiy units as B,K,G or M. Default 800M.
  -c <cutoff> Score threshold (0-1) for PSMs to be included in library. Higher threshold is more exclusive.
  -v <level> Level of output to stderr (silent, error, status, warn). Default status.
  -L Write status and warning messages to log file.
  -m <size> SQLite memory cache size in Megs. Default 250M.
  -l <level> ZLib compression level (0-?). Default 3.
  -i <library_id> LSID library ID. Default uses file name.
  -a <authority> LSID authority. Default
  -x <filename> Specify the path of XML modifications file for parsing MaxQuant files.
  -p <filename> Specify the path of XML parameters file for parsing MaxQuant files.
  -P <float> Specify pusher interval for Waters final_fragment.csv files.
  -d [<filename>] Document the .blib format by writing SQLite commands to a file, or stdout if no filename is given.
  -E Prefer reading peaks from embedded spectra (currently only affects MaxQuant msms.txt)