An error occurred trying to download ''.

An error occurred trying to download ''. kguehrs  2019-01-22

I tried to install Skyline on my computer running Windows7 64bit. The installation did not start giving the error message you can find in the attached screenshot together with the log file the message is referring to. Can you give me any advice to bypass the error and install the new Skyline version. Is there any possibility that the error is related to settings of the locales or regions because I run the English keybord and locales on the computer my IT installed a German version of Windows 7 on. If not I will keep the actual version 4.1 which is currently working without any problem.

I looked into the support issues list but I did not find any request with the same error description.

Thanks for your assistance.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-22

This is usually some kind of firewall issue or something in your network security denying the "setup.exe" program access to the URL listed in your log file (and the subject of your request). So far, though, I have yet to hear of a case where simply pointing a standard browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) at the URL doesn't allow it to be downloaded and the installation to succeed. Please try that workaround now.

If it does fail, then your best option is to move to the "unplugged" installers which can be downloaded in a ZIP file and installed locally. Look for the link on the main installation page to "unplugged" installers.

Hope this helps to get you set up. Thanks for providing the screenshot and log.


amahan responded:  2022-12-19

when I point browser at the URL, the result is I see XML code