Spectral Library export

Spectral Library export sstoychev  2019-01-11


Is it possible to export a spectral library in format compatible with Excel?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-11

Yes, I believe Skyline custom reports can achieve this and that it is actually recommended as a compatibility strategy for tools that use tabular format libraries, like OpenSWATH and Spectronaut, which allows people wanting to use these tools with peptide-spectrum match formats they do not support to generate libraries with Skyline, export a specific report template, and then use it with one of these tools.

Is that why you ask? Or do you have another purpose in mind?

Biognosys supplies a template for this on the following page under "Skyline Schema for exporting Spectronaut compatible libraries"


Hope that helps.


sstoychev responded:  2019-01-11

Thanks Brendan,

2 reasons, one is for use with Spectronaut and Sceix but also to be able to send the library to clients in a format that is easily accessible (everyone has excel :)



Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-11

Well, that is exactly why Skyline has such extensive and flexible reports. I am not totally convinced that the library formats of tools like Spectronaut, PeakView and OpenSwath are super consumable to clients but you know your clients. Skyline offers lots more flexibility though in the tabular format data you offer them.

Good luck. At least it seems like the Biognosys link should be useful.