Building library issue

Building library issue Vera  2019-01-09

Hello Skyline Team,

I just upgraded my skyline to the latest version but I ran into the same problem as Stephanie described. I installed Skyline daily and problem solved. I just want to report this issue and draw your attention. Hope it could be solved soon. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-09

We are working on it. Hold tight. Hopefully a new release by tomorrow.

You can always rollback to your previously installed release by going to "Add or remove programs" in Windows Settings and choosing the Skyline installation and clicking "Uninstall". This will bring up a form asking whether you want to remove Skyline completely or revert to the previous installation. Choosing the latter should get you back to before you installed the problem release.

Always an option. So, please don't feel stuck because a new release has an issue that is blocking you.

Sorry for our confusion on this patch release. A fix is coming soon.


Vera responded:  2019-01-09

Thank you Brendan! I can keep the latest version and use Skyline-daily for the time being. Still works!