Multiple Peptide Area Histograms

Multiple Peptide Area Histograms dawn dufield  2019-01-04

Is there a way to be able to arrange multiple peptide histograms similar to how you can tile or stack multiple chromatograms. I find the connected dot plots that it automatically changes to when you select multiple analytes very difficult to view for many samples. it would be much better if we could compare multiple histograms and arrange graphs accordingly. Is this something that is possible or could me added?


Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-06

Hi Dawn,
I am going to need something visual to imagine what you are suggesting. Please post a screenshot or two, and maybe a mock-up of what you are seeking. It doesn't sound like anything Skyline does yet.


dawn dufield responded:  2019-01-07

HI Brendan,

I'm attaching an excel book with some screen shots and text overlays to explain what I was thinking. Let me know if that makes it clearer. I think this would make it much nicer for comparing analytes/peptides for trends etc..