Error building specra library from PD 2.2 files

Error building specra library from PD 2.2 files leah0330  2019-01-01
When I built spectra library using .pdresult (The file size is about 52 GB) created by PD 2.2 version (see attachment Pic 2), I always got the ERROR message (see attachment Pic 1). The .pdresult file is from 12 msf files merge result. I do not know whether my file is too big to load. But when I imported all the 12 msf files or .pdresult files seperately (see attachment Pic 3), it succeeded, I do not know why.
Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-01-01
Can you clarify which file is 52 GB? Is it the .pdresult file?

I think I remember that .pdresult files store their spectra as zipped XML. So, I think the error you are seeing indicates that the XML once unzipped of a particular spectrum in your .pdresult file is not valid XML.

If you can get us the pdresult file, we can have a look. You can try uploading it to:

It may take a long time and if the network is not very stable it could fail. But, if you can get it up there, we should be able to have a look.