How to add RT and Analytes Name to Peak labels

How to add RT and Analytes Name to Peak labels dawn dufield  2018-12-04

When we have a method with multiple peptides or small molecules and I want to look at the overall TIC for whole run I shift select the ions and then it labels them on the chromatogram. 2 questions. If the names are too long it puts a .... and truncates the name. Is there a way to expand that name so I can see the whole name. 2) how do I add the ion name and the RT to the chromatogram? When I click on just 1 ion it shows the RT, but when I select multiple ions it changes to the ion name and no RT.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-12-06

Hi Dawn,
Reasonable requests:

  1. Some way to see the full names
  2. RT values on multi-target graphs

Neither are implemented in Skyline yet and you are the first to request them. As far as the full name goes, would it be enough to show this on a pop-up tip when you hover the mouse over the name? Would it be enough to show other peak statistics like RT and mass error in the same tip? Or were you really looking for all values to be shown inside the graph to allow you to use them in figures and presentation slides?

Can't promise when we would implement these, but very interested in your feedback. Thanks for asking.


dawn dufield responded:  2018-12-07

Hi Brendan,

Yes we would really like to be able to add these labels (RT etc) or expand the names so we can see them such that the figure can be copied or exported for reports/presentations etc. I would find this very valuable. If it takes a long time to implement, but the hover option would be quick, that would help some when we are trying to pick RT for Scheduling MRM's etc. but it would be easier if they were just an option to turn on or off along with name...

thanks for your reply.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-12-21

I have added this to a TODO issue to track it, but I can't promise you when it will get done.

Thanks for your feedback.