how to convert chromatogram (LC-ICPMS) from Water empower 3 to skyline

how to convert chromatogram (LC-ICPMS) from Water empower 3 to skyline binh chudinh  2018-11-22

Dear Sir / Madam
This is Dinh Binh Chu, a lecturer, and researcher from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam, also a skyline user. We got an LC ICPMS system from Perkin Elmer and the software for speciation analysis from Water, Empower 3. However, we would like to export our chromatograms from Empower to Skyline. Unfortunately, we were not successful in this task. I would like to ask you how to convert such kind of chromatogram to skyline
thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you
Best regards
Dinh Binh Chu

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Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-11-23

Hi Dinh Binh Chu,
We have tried to engage Perkin Elmer (and before them Ionics, the original producer of their triple quadrupole instrument) since September 2014, but so far we have been unsuccessful in convincing them to help us make their instrument officially supported by Skyline. After those initial discussions with Ionics, in January 2015 we heard, "Our users are enjoying using Skyline with the mzML converter we developed and I want to thank you again for the support you provided during that time." The writer later felt that Perkin Elmer acquiring Ionics would lead to an official support agreement, but that hasn't happened yet. And I don't know much more.

I can only direct you back to Perkin Elmer to see if they have a support plan for their customers interested in using Skyline.

We remain happy to work with them on full integration of their triple-quadrupole instrument with Skyline, but it would require their involvement.

Thanks for your interest in using Skyline in your research.