Unable to install MSstats

Unable to install MSstats Frank Zh  2018-11-22

Dear Skyline team,

We tried many times to install MSstats from the tool store in Skyline 4.2 and Skyline 4.2 daily recently but failed every time. The error shows “No internet connection” (see attached screenshot) but our internet is connected. We have installed the R package 3.5.0 and we have the same problem in 2 PCs. Please check what the problem is. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-11-22

Hi Frank,
Really sorry about this. It seems the code in question checks for an internet connection by trying to access "http://www.google.com". For one that now redirects to "https://www.google.com" but it also seems to disadvantage those with computers in places where Google is less accessible.

Since the code is in our RInstaller class, I am thinking it might be more appropriate to check for "https://www.r-project.org/" and maybe change the message to:

Error: Failed to connect to www.r-project.org

Installing R packages requires an internet connection. Please check your connection and try again

Would that work for you? Can you connect to the r-project URL? Should we be checking multiple URLs?

Thanks for the clear report of your problem.


Frank Zh responded:  2018-11-22

Dear Brendan,

The problem is that "http://www.google.com" is completely blocked in mainland China. "https://www.r-project.org/" is accessible. Multiple URLs should be better. We have internet connection and we successfully installed R packages 3.5.0 etc. I tested again just now and the error “No internet connection” showed again.

Kind regards,