Overlapping MS1 data

Overlapping MS1 data Tobi  2018-10-30

Dear Skyline Team,

even though i looked up the DIA tutorial and other forum posts concerning overlapping data i just dont see the right explanation to a question I have, it would be great getting some hints from you.

The question is, can skyline deal with overlapping MS1 data in a way that chromatograms are built without any overlap causing twice the amount of points across the peak?
For example tSIMs measurements will be done from 399-421, 419-441, 439-461 (overlap of 2 m/z) etc…
Can you built MS1 chromatograms as if 1 m/z (half the overlap) would have been cut away from each side of each scan? (400-420,420-440,440-460…) Or is the Isolation Scheme option limited to MS2 data?

It would be great getting in contact with you, and sorry if I missed something in the tutorials.

Best regards, tobi

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-12-21

Hi Tobi,
It looks like we never answered this. You are right that there is currently no way of limiting SIM scans the way we allow for MS/MS in DIA, but we probably should add support with methods like boxcar MS1 coming out. Can't promise when this would happen, but we appreciate your feedback and we'll definitely keep it in mind and look for the right opportunity to extend our support.


Tobi responded:  2018-12-26

Thank you very much for the response, its highly appreciated. I did not push it because it looked like this from another forum post on BoxCar. Thank you anyway and wish you all nice christmas holidays.

Best, tobi