Overlapping MS1 data

Overlapping MS1 data Tobi  2018-10-30

Dear Skyline Team,

even though i looked up the DIA tutorial and other forum posts concerning overlapping data i just dont see the right explanation to a question I have, it would be great getting some hints from you.

The question is, can skyline deal with overlapping MS1 data in a way that chromatograms are built without any overlap causing twice the amount of points across the peak?
For example tSIMs measurements will be done from 399-421, 419-441, 439-461 (overlap of 2 m/z) etc…
Can you built MS1 chromatograms as if 1 m/z (half the overlap) would have been cut away from each side of each scan? (400-420,420-440,440-460…) Or is the Isolation Scheme option limited to MS2 data?

It would be great getting in contact with you, and sorry if I missed something in the tutorials.

Best regards, tobi