Skyline stopped accepting Thermo.raw files

Skyline stopped accepting Thermo.raw files waltteri hosia  2018-10-25

Hi, thanks for generally superb software.
A hiccup. It was working OK, until suddenly start to refuse to open thermo files. Opens some old files, but not all. Tried opening and closing Skyline and moving the file from network drive to my PC. Same problem. Error message attached.

Nick Shulman responded:  2018-10-25
Can you send us that .raw file? If that file is less than 50MB, then you can attach it to this support request.

Otherwise, you can upload it here:
-- Nick
waltteri hosia responded:  2018-10-25

Thanks for response

It was not Skyline! it was some problem with network, with moving the raw files from the instrument PC. I noticed it was double the size in instrument data folder. Copied again to my network folder, and zummm, all works again.

BR, Waltteri