iRT not detected in samples

iRT not detected in samples clive cota  2018-10-25

Dear Skyline team,

I am doing a DDA analysis, but when I am building spectral library the SCIEX PepCalMix (iRT-C18) are not detected in my samples spiked with Pepcal. I have attached a screen shot of the problem.


Nick Shulman responded:  2018-10-25
I believe that means that your iRT peptides do not appear in your peptide search results. That is, your iRT peptides were not part of the FASTA file that you told your peptide search engine to use, and so those peptides were never identified.

You can still create an iRT database from chromatograms that you have extracted in Skyline. This is the scenario covered in the iRT tutorial:

-- Nick
clive cota responded:  2018-10-29
Hi Nick,

Thanks for the help.