Individual quantification settings for different small molecules

Individual quantification settings for different small molecules Yasin  2018-10-10

Dear Skyline Team,

I would have a question/request:

Via View -> Peptide Settings -> Quantification I can set different quantification settings in a global manner. However, I often run into the situation where I want to use different Regression Weightings or Normalization Methods for different small molecules. Is there any way to change those setting on a molecule by molecule basis?

Thanks in advance

Nick Shulman responded:  2018-10-10
You can give different molecules different normalization methods.

In the Document Grid, there is a column called "Normalization Method" on the Peptides. Skyline comes with a view called "Peptide Quantification" which you can choose from the Views dropdown on the Document Grid.
Also here's some information about "Surrogate Standards":

There is no way to override the Regression Weighting on different molecules. All molecules in the Skyline document have to use the same Regression Weighting.
-- Nick
Yasin responded:  2018-10-10
Thank you for the quick response!

Would it maybe be possible to add a similar column for Weighting in the "Peptide Quantification" view? This would be very useful as samples are quite often showing similar concentrations within one metabolite which could be accounted for by an adaptation of the Regression weighting.