Loss of adjusted peak bondaries after copy paste

Loss of adjusted peak bondaries after copy paste stsyp  2018-08-09

Hey Skyline

After I've imported data and adjusted the selected peaks/peak boundaries of the targeted small molecules, I wanted to copy all of these so I can rearrange them to certain criteria (according to retention time window, according to abundance, according to peak shape,...). So one target molecule can be in two or more groups.
I prefer not to make already the groups while importing the transition list as this would mean I have to manually adjust the selected peaks in every group again.
Is there a known workaround I can apply/ is there a setting that I forgot to enable?
There is short ppt presentation to make clear what I mean.

Steven Vds

Skyline version: (64-bit)
Operating system: Windows 10 enterprise

Brian Pratt responded:  2018-08-10

Hi Steven,

I think that's just an oversight on our part. That really should be acting the way you expect it to.

We'll see about getting that fixed.

Thanks for letting us know!

Brian Pratt