small molecules: normalized retention time (iRT)

small molecules: normalized retention time (iRT) alessio maiolica15118  2018-07-02

Dear Skyline support team,
I am interested in using the iRT functionality for small molecule experiments.
It seems that this is not yet implemented in the current version of the software.

Are you planning some work on this? if yes would you please let me know when would you expect to have it released?
thank you all for your great work.
best regads,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-07-02

Hi Alessio,
Yes, we are working on this and hope to have something working for our fall release. We would always be happy to get more testing on the feature once it is ready. We will try to post back here, but also keep an eye on Skyline-daily release announcement email.

Thanks for posting to the Skyline support board.


alessio maiolica15118 responded:  2018-07-02

Thanks Brendan, looking forward to it.
Best regards,

alessio maiolica15118 responded:  2019-05-09

Hi Brendan,
I was wondering if any progress has been made to implement the iRT functionality for small molecules into Skyline.

thanks for all your help

best regards,

Brian Pratt responded:  2019-05-09

Hi Alessio,

Have a look at the current Skyline-Daily, I think you'll be pleased. Not only is there small molecule iRT support, there are also user interface improvements for those working with non-proteomic data.

Best Regards,

Brian Pratt