Expand / Collapse not working with over 10,000 transitions

Expand / Collapse not working with over 10,000 transitions Matt Rardin  2018-03-07
I'm finding that I cannot use the "Expand" peptides/proteins/transitions shortcut when my file has over 10,000 transitions. Is there a work around for this to simply expand a more limited range of proteins/peptide/trns? For example a way to highlight 10 proteins and expand all transitions, etc?
Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-03-07
Hi Matt,
The feature you request does not yet exist, but it is a good idea. I added the limit to save you from yourself. The tree control we use just would not function well for that amount of expansion, and you wold likely end up cursing Skyline as it locked up for a very long time and then continued to perform poorly after that. I wish we had a tree control that functioned as well as the grid control we use in the face of a massive tree, but unfortunately, we do not (yet).

But, I could certainly imagine showing Expand All on the right-click menu for the Targets view, when you have at least 1 parent node selected. I have added the following TODO issue to our issues list to track this request:


Thanks for your feedback.