changing name/location of raw data

changing name/location of raw data tannous  2017-11-08
I was not aware that if the raw file path changes, for ex, if I change the location of the raw data (ie put it in a new subfolder within the same folder) or change the name of the folder where the raw data is, skyline cannot find it anymore. by find it I mean for ex, if I click on a peak to see the full scan, it does not work and it tells me it cannot find the raw file.
Sometimes I have to change the name of the folder or the location of the raw data within the folder to reo-organize as I accumulate more data .
Is there a way around that? for example, is there a way that skyline can still find the original raw data file as long as the name of the raw file itself is not changed?
Brendan MacLean responded:  2017-11-08
Hi Abla,
Skyline will always find raw data in the same folder as the document itself and also two parent folders up, since files create a subfolder when they are opened.

At present, this is the only method of reconnecting a Skyline document with its raw data: put the Skyline document in the same folder with the raw data or a subfolder no further than 2 away from the data.

I can see that it would be useful to allow users to specify a new path or paths to search for raw data in, ideally either relative or absolute. Maybe we can add this to the Document Settings soon.

For now, though, the document will have to be put in the same folder, a child folder or a grand-child folder of the raw data folder.

tannous responded:  2017-11-08
Great, thanks for the info.
Sometimes I end up with more than 2 sub folders especially if I am running things through command line or importing data from different experiments.
Specifying the raw data path would be a very useful tool.
Thank you