Can Skyline 4.1 export information in the library?

Can Skyline 4.1 export information in the library? user  2018-01-25 19:12
Can we export peptide sequence, RT, spectrum quality score etc. in Skyline libraries to a file like Excel? If yes, how to do? Cause I want to quickly compare this information among many libraries. I noticed in Q&A of Webinar 3 (2015), the answer was no. How about Skyline 4.1 or Skyline daily?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-01-25 19:41
Hi Antony,
Any programming experience? The .blib files are SQLite files, and there are plenty of tools for reading SQLite and even doing command-line queries. My favorite SQLite user interface is SQLite Expert, which has a Personal free version. It is pretty easy to open a .blib file in SQLite Expert and copy all the data from the RefSpectra table and paste into Excel. You can write SQL queries also to get more customized data.

Skyline still isn't really about providing access to peptide search data in tabular format. But it doesn't take a lot to get that out of a .blib file.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your comparisons.

user responded:  2018-01-25 20:38
Dear Brendan,

Many thanks to your quick reply and it is very useful to me. I tested SQLite Expert just now and it worked well! Sorry I do not have programming experience.