Skyline feature request

Skyline feature request christoferk  2015-05-20
Add a keyboard short-cut to "right-click -> remove peak -> all" on a chromatogram.

Christofer Karlsson
Lund University
Brendan MacLean responded:  2015-05-20
Hi Christofer,
Thanks for the feedback. I had been thinking the UI for this should also be improved. The current UI is something of a remnant of the time when we thought integrating individual transitions might be a reasonable thing to do. Hence, Skyline makes it fairly easy to remove any single transition, and makes you mouse cursor down a menu to get to the All menu item. I had been thinking we should get rid of the sub menu, which would make this operation easier to achieve, though not as easy as a keyboard command. I am just not sure how to help people learn a that keyboard command. So far, Skyline does not have any hidden keyboard commands. They all appear on the main menu. I am not quite sure where to put this on the Edit menu so that it could have a visible keyboard command.

I have posted a new issue about this, and I am sure we will make at least the first change and maybe find a way to include the keyboard short-cut also.