defining y-axis minimum in TICs

defining y-axis minimum in TICs Susan Abbatiello  2012-10-12
Hi Brendan,

Would it be possible to change the y-axis minimum on the TIC plots to something other than zero (ie, make it a definable minimum). The Agilent QqQ data has high baseline signals (~40 counts for each transition monitored, >100 if you monitor 3 and look at the summed transition view for a peptide). When you try to zoom in on a weak signal, because the y-axis is anchored at zero, the baseline signal tends to "float" up higher in the plot (see attached ppt file of the light (red) peptide zoom on the far right).

Brendan MacLean responded:  2012-10-12
Hi Sue,
This should be fairly easy to support by adding a "Min intensity" field to the Chromatogram Graph Properties form (right-click > Properties in the Chromatogram plot.

I have assigned an issue for this to an intern here, who will be starting next week.

Thanks for your feedback.

Gao responded:  2015-01-28
Hi Brendan,

I am also interested in the ability to set the minimum intensity. But I haven't been able to find that option under the "Properties" tab. Do you know where I may find it?

Thank you!

Best regards,