Issue opening any files in Skyline-Daily

Issue opening any files in Skyline-Daily wlstutts  2020-10-06

I just upgraded Skyline-daily today and now when I click "open file" or the folder icon to open a file, the program freezes. At this point I am unable to open any previously created Skyline documents.

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-10-06
Can you give us any more information about this?

It sounds like you are saying that it takes forever to bring up the "Open File" dialog. Skyline asks Windows to display that dialog to you when you want to open a file. Skyline does not have very much control over all of the work that Windows needs to do before displaying that dialog. Some things that can affect how long it takes for that dialog to be displayed are:
1. Mapped network drives which are currently inaccessible
2. Attached USB drives which are not behaving right
3. Installed software which interacts with Windows Explorer in terms of affecting the way that files are displayed in the Explorer.

Have you tried rebooting your computer since this problem began?
-- Nick