Failure opening

Failure opening Flora.Sh.  2020-07-03

Dear Skyline Team

At my workplace I work a lot with skyline. If I want to work at home at my laptop there is a problem. I can not open the files because it says that my document format version is 20.13 and newer than the version 20.1 supported by skyline (64bit) (a0e7323e3), which I have in my laptop. How can I change that or what can I do? There is not a newer version at your homepage.

Thanks in advance for the answer

Best wishes


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-07-03
You need to use Skyline-Daily to open that Skyline document.

There is a green button to install Skyline-Daily from the Skyline home page.

Once you have that document opened in Skyline-Daily, you can use the File > Share menu item to choose to save the document in a format that is compatible with earlier versions of Skyline.
-- Nick