Data view layout

Data view layout Hongbo  2013-05-31
Hi, Brendan,

Skyline provide us really good help to our data analysis. But one suggestion I have for viewing data in Skyline is about the layout of each sample. I usually use tile-like layout to view my data, but sometimes it could be difficult to decide whether a peak if really or not when each extracted ion chromatograms were next to each other (slide 1).

I believe it will be much straightforward and easier if all EICs can be organized from top to bottom like the layout in Xcalibur (Slide 2). Hopefully you can add this option in next version.

Another suggestion is about the layout of the data report. Now each row represents a peptide in one sample, so there will be N rows as a group if there are N samples analyzed. But I think it will be more convenient if one row contains the information of a peptide for all samples by moving sample names to the header of columns as below:

                       Retention Time Total Area
               Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Peptide 1
Peptide 2
Peptide 3

Again, thanks for making Skyline better and better!

Brendan MacLean responded:  2013-05-31
Hi Hongbo,
Not sure I agree on your first point, but the layout is as flexible as it is for a reason, and it should not be hard to force everything into a single row or column (as in Xcalibur). I have added this to the issues list:

For your second request, Skyline already supports this through "Pivot replicate name" checkbox in the custom report template editor.

Thanks for your feedback.