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Follow the Skyline Support Board
   Red question mark in chromatogram

Follow the Skyline Support Board

To follow the Skyline support board you must:

  • First, sign up for an account on the MacCoss Lab Software web site.
  • Then register and sign in to the web site.

Once you have signed in to the web site, you can do the following to change your email preferences on the Skyline support board to have it send you updates when new messages are posted:

  • Click the drop arrow beside the Requests heading above the support requests.
  • From the drop list that appears, choose Email and click Preferences.
  • Click the radio button for All under the heading "Send email notifications for these requests".
  • Choose either Individual or Daily Digest under the heading "Notification type".
  • Click the Update button.

You can also follow this procedure making different choices to turn these notifications off again, if you decide you'd rather not get them in your email inbox.

Red question mark in chromatogram

What does the red question mark mean in the chromatogram window in Skyline (64-bit It does not show up when clicked on the peptide or precursor m/z, but only shows up when clicked on the product m/z. Image is attached.