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Skyline Users Speak
Letters of Appreciation for Skyline

Skyline Users Speak

If Skyline has helped move your investigations forward, please share you experience here, making sure you identify yourself and your lab.  You may help others considering Skyline for their own experiments make their decision.  And you might just help the project continue to grow.  Thanks for your support.

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Letters of Appreciation for Skyline

Help us keep helping you!

Dear Skyline Users,

Since Mike, Dan Liebler and I first imagined it in August 2008, Skyline has been free, open-source targeted proteomics software available to any researcher or lab willing to download and use it. We are very proud that we have been able to maintain that original vision for 7 years. Today after over 45,000 downloads, there are over 6000 registered Skyline users and over 7000 instances of Skyline started each week. However, keeping Skyline going is not free. It is funded in two ways: through operating grants from the National Institutes of Health and through continued sponsorship from all the major instrument manufacturers.

Now, we are asking for your direct help in keeping that funding applied to our ongoing effort at improving Skyline and educating and supporting its users, including you.

Take a moment to download one or more of the attached letter templates (or write your own entirely, if you prefer), add your personal information, print on your organization letterhead, sign (or have your PI sign), scan to a PDF, and email back to us (at

  • NIH Grant

    Submitted on November 2nd. THANK YOU to the 250 people worldwide that contributed letters of support to this grant proposal.

  • Instrument Sponsor Appreciation

    All six mass spectrometry manufacturers generously support Skyline though funding which they renew on a yearly basis. It is always important that each of these vendors realizes the benefits that Skyline brings to their hardware customers and how crucial continued sponsorship of Skyline is to you. Below are six templates for thanking our contact at each instrument vendor that can be downloaded, customized and then emailed back to us for inclusion in the vendor sponsorship renewal process. Again, you may also write your own entirely original letter.

Submit by November 13:

We need our instrument vendor supporters to know Skyline support matters to you, so please email your Letters of Appreciation no later than November 13rd. Please submit letters on institutional letterhead, signed, and in PDF format.  Our goal is to exceed the 250 letters we got for the NIH grant. We are counting on you to ensure that Skyline's future remains as exciting as its past has been.


-- Brendan MacLean and the Skyline Team.

PS: We will review all letters and we reserve the right to chose which letters will be included with our grant application and sponsorship requests.