Personal Appeal

2023 LOA

You can multiply your impact by writing a personal letter addressed to our primary contact at an instrument vendor explaining how Skyline works with an instrument or instruments of theirs to enhance your mass spectrometry research. Give details and be explicit and let them know clearly that the software and keeping it growing and supported is important to you.

Use one of the templates below to get the right contact. Then print it on your institution letterhead, sign and scan the signed letter to a PDF. Send the PDF and email:

By: Friday, February 3, 2023

We really appreciate the extra effort to help keep us working for you.

  Attached Files  
 Personally Thank Agilent 2023 Template.docx
 Personally Thank Bruker 2023 Template.docx
 Personally Thank SCIEX 2023 Template.docx
 Personally Thank Shimadzu 2023 Template.docx
 Personally Thank Thermo 2023 Template.docx
 Personally Thank Waters 2023 Template.docx