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How You Can Help

At the MacCoss Lab, we believe that a strong community around an open source software project can produce world-class software.  Examples abound: Firefox, Linux and projects of the Apache Software Foundation.  We are working hard to see Skyline and its parent project, ProteoWizard, live up to the standard set by these examples.  Already our efforts have been greatly aided by others inspired by our initial work.  We encourage anyone who feels they benefit from the Skyline project to consider helping improve and sustain it in any of the following ways:

  1. Sign up as a registered user of the software to help us prove the broad appeal of our software and keep development and support funded.
  2. Post a statement explaining how your work has benefitted from using Skyline to encourage further growth in the project community.
  3. Publish or present your targeted proteomics work citing the Skyline manuscript, using Skyline graphs in your figures, and/or making your Skyline documents publicly available.
  4. Help a friend or collaborator get started using Skyline.
  5. Post to the support board your questions and comments.
  6. Take the time to work through an issue with the Skyline team and explain how the software might be improved to avoid others encountering it.
  7. Contribute a tutorial or tip.  Follow the example of existing tutorials and tips, and explain how to use features that are important to you.
  8. Contribute development time to the open source project, if you are a programmer.

Join the growing community of contributors that have helped to make Skyline what it is today.

Get Involved

The Skyline jobs board helps employers and job seekers interested in Skyline, Panorama and targeted mass spectrometry connect.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Skyline project this year through the University of Washington Foundation

See what the community is saying about Skyline - and add your statement!

Other ways you can help

3rd-Party Software

Software Support: 

The following organizations have made crucial software contributions to the Skyline project.

SCIEXAgilent Technologies
Thermo ScientificWaters
The Most Intelligent Add-In To Visual Studio
A cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing librarySubversion plug-in for Visual Studio


Skyline adoption and use information

Create a new project for your lab or group on PanoramaWeb hosted by the University of Washington

Or, host your own Panorama installation by joining the Panorama Partners Program

Skyline source code is available under Apache 2.0 License and part of the ProteoWizard project (mzML and mzXML conversion)

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