Hi Skyline team,

I am using Skyline to analyze DDA samples by MS1 filtering. In order to increase the depth of our analysis we use HPLC to fractionate our samples prior to MS analysis. Fractions run separately on Thermo instruments (Orbi-Orbi) and we, then, perform data search using Peaks. We are also spiking our samples with labelled peptides that we are interested in quantifying.

I am having troubles applying the spectral library I built using the .pep files generated by Peaks. Whenever I select the library in the peptide settings of my skyline document data disappear. If I do not tick the library box then I can see my data. I am using Skyline (64-bit)

In my Peaks file there are no spectral matches for the labelled peptides as the modifications are not added during the search.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes,