On June 9th, 2013, the second Skyline User Group Meeting was held in the Minneapolis Public Library, preceding the ASMS conference in Minneapolis, MN.  the buffet line was long, but the wide open space with views from the second floor across the atrium and up to the high glass ceilings kept everything in scale. A few unregistered people showed up and a few who registered chose not to brave the rain and 1 mile distance from the convention center.  At final count, a crowd of 220 people nearly filled this year's auditorium with over twice last years capacity (112 seats) at 235 seats.  Host Michael MacCoss introduced the 10 speakers in succession with questions interspersed and a half-hour break after the fifth speaker.  The responses from Skyline users (and some interested spectators) in attendance were positive. You are invited to review the presented material or watch the recorded presentation videos now linked at the bottom of the presenter abstract pages. Click the presenter names below to access their presentations.


Joseph Brown, Ph. D. (Smith Lab, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory):
Effective design and analysis of multiplexed quantitative SRM data with Skyline

Christine Carapito, Ph. D. (IPHC/CNRS/University of Strasbourg, France):
Developing, transferring, sharing, combining, and bridging global and targeted quantitative methods and data in a platform-independent manner with Skyline

Josh Eckels (LabKey Software):
Panorama: targeted proteomics repository software for Skyline

Jarrett D. Egertson (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Application of data independent acquisition techniques optimized for improved precursor specificity

Andy Hoofnagle, MD, Ph. D. (University of Washington):
Using Skyline for Lipidomics

Jacob D. Jaffe, Ph. D. (Carr Lab, The Broad Institute):
Discovery to Targets for a Phosphoproteomic Signature Assay: One-stop shopping in Skyline

Brendan MacLean (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Status of the Skyline open-source software project five years after its inception

Brett Phinney, Ph. D. (UC Davis Genome Center):
Using Skyline to analyze the SPRG2013-2014 Targeted Proteomics Standard

Matthew J. Rardin, Ph.D. (Buck Institute for Research on Aging):
Label free quantitation of proteomic data using MS1 Filtering and MS/MSALL with SWATH acquisition

Olga Shubert (Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zürich):
Development and application of assays for targeted mass spectrometric analysis of the complete proteome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Thank you very much to everyone who attended, and especially the presenters for giving your time so generously to make this second year even better than the first!