2023 LOA

Help us keep Skyline FREE!

Dear Skyline Users,

Since its inception in August 2008, Skyline has been free, open-source software with free documentation, instruction and support available to anyone willing to download and use it. We are happy that our original vision is thriving 15 years on, and today we've tallied over 100,000 downloads, with over 20,000 registered Skyline users, and over 10,000 instances of Skyline started each week.

However, keeping Skyline going is not free and one of the major sources of funding is through all of the major instrument manufacturers. All six mass spectrometry vendors generously support Skyline through funding which they renew on a yearly basis. It is always important that each of these companies realizes the benefits that Skyline brings to their hardware customers and how crucial continued sponsorship of Skyline is to you.

We value your help in recognizing the manufacturers of the instruments you use and that Skyline supports.

Providing your support is easy and free.

To add your name and "sign" any of our letters of appreciation, click the "Sign-on" button below. The letters (attached below) will be addressed to the primary contact at each of the six instrument vendors.

To sign a letter, click the button below to sign-on and register your appreciation.

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Thank you for your support!

-- the Skyline Team

P.S. - You can multiply your impact by writing a personal appeal. [click here]

  Attached Files  
 Thank Agilent 2023 Template.pdf
 Thank Bruker 2023 Template.pdf
 Thank SCIEX 2023 Template.pdf
 Thank Shimadzu 2023 Template.pdf
 Thank Thermo 2023 Template.pdf
 Thank Waters 2023 Template.pdf