2019 LOS

Help keep the Skyline Team working for you!

Dear Skyline Users,

Our federal grant support for the Skyline Software Ecosystem is in its last year. Our software maintenance grant (R01) from the National Institutes of Health has been a critical component of our funding to keeping Skyline free and open source to anyone willing to download and use it. Because of the importance of this funding we are looking to submit two grants, the first is an attempt to establish the "Skyline Software Ecosystem" as a National and Regional Resource (R24). Additionally, we are going to attempt to renew our R01 despite the discontinuation of the software maintenance grant mechanism. In the event that both are funded, we would return the funding from the R01.

A critical component to these grants is demonstrating a need for this work from our users. The more users from as many labs as possible the better off we are. To simplify the process we have created a form where you can simply add your "signature of support" (think of it as signing a petition) indicating your support. Additionally, if you are willing, a letter addressed to Professor Michael MacCoss indicating how Skyline is important to your lab's research is also appreciated.

The letter can be addressed to:
Professor Michael MacCoss
University of Washington
Department of Genome Sciences
Foege Building S113
3720 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98195

Please place the signed letter on letterhead, create a PDF, and email it to info@maccosslab.org or upload it to the files folder on the signature page accessed by the button below.

Our grant application deadlines are coming up, so please click below NOW!


Thank you for your support!

-- the Skyline Team