Webinar 20

Even deep in summer "vacation season", over 160 attendees tuned in to Webinar #20 to learn about using batch processing for DIA and other data-hefty mass spectrometry methods. Principal Developer Brendan MacLean provided a quick overview and the backstory about the push to bring automated scripting to Skyline through an easy-to-use GUI. The focus then shifted to Ali Marsh, the intern developer who has spent the better part of the last year implementing Skyline Batch in her "gap year" from MIT, who highlighted the approach used to implement batch processing in Skyline,

Switching to live demonstration, Ali provided a guided tour of the graphical features of Skyline batch and demonstrated the process of configuring the necessary settings to create an automated batch script. Brendan followed with a more in-depth discussion around the inputs and settings considerations required to creating a batch template file - a key foundational document necessary to create a successful batch run in Skyline. The tutorial sections were then followed by over 30 minutes of vigorous Q&A from the audience in attendance.


Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)


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Ali Marsh
(Development Intern)

Presentation Slides

Review Webinar 19

Ion Mobility Spectrum Filtering with Skyline
Review slides, written tutorial and data set presented at the webinar.