Webinar 19

Webinar 19 was the second Skyline tutorial webinar produced in April, 2020 amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The focus was on using Skyline to process ion mobility data and explore the spectra produced by IMS-enabled mass spectrometers. After a quick introduction by Skyline Principal Developer Brendan MacLean, North Carolina State's Erin Baker, Ph.D, delivered an overview of ion mobility concepts and the origin of the data set used in the tutorial that followed, again presented by Brendan. As an ion mobility expert and long-time collaborator with the Skyline Team, Erin has been our primary ion mobility mentor for many years.

Over 230 attendees joined Webinar 19 and the highly involved audience posted many questions for the Q&A session which will all be answered in writing shortly. Those we had time to answer during the webinar will be included in the full recording of the session, available shortly on this page.

Stay healthy, everyone. We look forward to seeing you back for the next in this series, coming soon.

-- The Skyline Team

Brendan MacLean

Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)


Presentation Slides

Ben Collins

Erin Baker
(ion mobility researcher)


Presentation Slides


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